School in Chimundo was designed and built in October 2009 by 19 students and two teachers from Bergen School of Architecture in Norway with the help of the future users.

The design and construction had to be done in just 12 days which demanded a very high degree of organization and distribution of work according to the ability of every team member. It required fast desicion making and the invention of solutions based on available materials and resources. Local forces were introduced whenever possible and before the Norwegian team left Mozambique the project was presented at the Architecture School in Maputo.

After returning to Norway several members of the team wished to continue the work, hence an organization called Rå Arkitektur was created with the intention to further plan and follow through concrete projects in the developing world, especially highlighting a method where the user is included in the design process to ensure ownership of it as well as the use of local building materials and a reinvention of traditional building methods

Rå Arkitektur Contact Information:

Birgitte Haug