Norwegian landscape architect Line Ramstad founded Gyaw Gyaw together with Karen carpenters Phillipa, Peter and Pah Me in 2009. Since then they have been designing and constructing community buildings for and with the migrant population on the Thai/Burma border where they live and work.

With a focus on climatically adapted buildings, functionality, and “new” techniques that are congruent with local traditions and available materials, they have contributed to the understanding of sustainable architecture and how it can be used in development.

Creating buildings that utilize natural light, passive air flow, and local materials, the finished result is a structure that is functional, adapted to the local culture, and easy to maintain.

For Gyaw Gyaw, architecture and development is an ongoing task. All their projects are within 150 km of the border and contribute to existing infrastructure run by the local communities.  Because the buildings are in relatively close proximity of the border and they maintain strong relations with the recipients, Gyaw Gyaw is able to evaluate each structure on its longevity and functionality allowing them to constantly improve in design and construction.

Understanding sponsors from Norway provide funding for Gyaw Gyaw that allow decisions to be made on the ground within the frame work of the local environment, current situation, and fluctuating circumstances.  This allows Gyaw Gyaw to create a democratic work environment, lasting cooperation with local communities, and sustainable future along the border.

Gyaw Gyaw Contact Information:

Line Ramstad
+66 8222 86300