The event is a collaboration between the South of North network and the Norwegian Nasjonalmuseet curator team for the Nordic Pavillion in Venice Biennale 2014. It adds a contemporary layer to the Nordic Pavilion exhibition 2014, ”Forms of Feedom. African Independence and Nordic Models”. The event will take place in Venice 19th of September.

”Mouthful of meetings” is a moderated conversation focusing on socioeconomic sustainability in current and future development collaboration. The event brings together contemporary Nordic and African architecture practices and institutions with focus on socially committed architecture.

The questions arising from the challenges of the current and future collaboration will form the base of the discussion. How to enable an honest communication between all stakeholders in order to create an open dialogue for evaluation? What kind of architectural qualities are going to be relevant in the next 20 years?  An article of the event was recently featured in the Norwegian webpublication Arkitektnytt .