Project Econef Children’s Center was inititated in 2012 by architects Pilvi Vanamo, Carolina Wikström and Frida Öster. The team is working within Architects Without Borders Sweden and is currently active with the construction for ECONEF Children’s Center in northern Tanzania.

Baobab House, the first prototype building was finished in February 2014. ECONEF is an independent nongovernmental organization (NGO) located in Jua-kali, outside of Arusha. It aims to improve the standard of living for orphans in the area. The goal of the project is to reduce the orphanage’s dependence on private donations and eventually reach a selfsufficient standing. Sustainability plays a key role with rainwater harvesting, solar panels and natural ventilation integrated throughout.

The aim is to promote and spread knowledge on sustainable construction methods by creating a replicable house typology and documenting the process in building manuals.

Asante + Lönnqvist & Vanamo Contact Information:

Pilvi Vanamo
+46 763 525 736